Saturday, May 28, 2011

The French Press Brewing Method

One of the best (if not the best) and finest brewing methods of premium coffee.

Here are step by step directions for the French Press brewing method:

1. Start with ultra-premium Ospina Coffee beans.

2. Grind the coffee beans coarse, until it looks like coarse sea salt.

3. Poor the grinds into your French press container, one spoon full per cup.

4. Bring fresh spring or filtered water to a boil and allow for cooling.

5. Using a cooking thermometer, take the temperature of the water until it reaches 205 Fahrenheit. Boiling water is at 212 and you DO NOT want to pour boiling water over your coffee grinds.

6. Never pour boiling water over your coffee grinds, as this will extract bitter oils and tannins that you do not want in your cup.

7. Pour the water at 205 Fahrenheit over the coffee grinds and stir thoroughly once.

8. Immediately cover the French press container with its lid to avoid losing steam or heat.

9. With a timer, count exactly three (3) minutes and then press the strainer down.

10. Serve the coffee immediately into a preheated cup, and add your fixings to your taste.

11. If you have coffee left in the press, remove it as soon possible.

12. You will now have brewed an excellent and perfect cup of premium coffee. Voila!

Best regards,

Mariano Ospina

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