Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ospina Coffee - History - Part I

Don Mariano Ospina Rodriguez established his first experimental plantation in 1835, in the mountains of the municipality of Fredonia, state of Antioquia, Colombia.

In 1862, Don Mariano and his brother Pastor escaped political persecution in Colombia and traveled to the Caribbean and Central America. They settled in Guatemala. Thanks to their ability to insert into that nation's political and economic activities, their entrepreneurial spirit, their access to international credit and their solid family alliances, they were able to distinguish themselves when coffee plantations were spreading out in this country.

Both Ospina brothers settled in the Pacific Piedmont region called "Costa Cuca". There they established the coffee plantation called "Las Mercedes", which became known throughout Central America as one of the largest, most productive and best managed.

Given the fact that the coffee industry became the platform and engine of economic development in Guatemala, which in turn promoted and advanced other sectors of the economy, such as the financial and banking industry, public works and the modernization of agriculture and manufacturing, the Ospina brothers were regarded as equals with the "Founding Fathers" of the Republic of Guatemala.

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