Sunday, June 12, 2011

History of Coffee – Europe 1669

By 1669 coffee had reached the Paris of Louis XIV, brought by Suleiman Aga, the Turkish Ambassador. His elaborate coffee parties brought a new exotic touch to the social life of Paris.

Isaac D'Israeli describes them in his Curiosities of Literature: "On bended knee, the slaves of the Ambassador, arrayed in the most gorgeous costumes, served the choicest mocha coffee in tiny cups of eggshell porcelain, hot, strong and fragrant, poured out in saucers of gold and silver, placed on embroidered silk doilies, fringed with gold bullion, to the grand dames, who fluttered their fans with many grimaces, bending their piquant faces -berouged, bepowdered and bepatched- over the new steaming beverage", narrates Professor Andres Uribe, in his book "Brown Gold", the amazing story of coffee.

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