Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pueblos del Café - Jardín, Colombia

The town of Jardín is nestled in a fertile valley in the northern province of Antioquia. Amid coffee plantations, banana groves and flowering trees, Jardín -the Spanish word for garden- lives up to its name. Nowhere is it more exuberantly true than in its beautiful women and in the gorgeous colorful flowers that adorn the balconies and verandas.

The town's main square is decorated with a romantic cooling fountain, which is surrounded by ancient Spanish cobblestone streets. Jardín lives by and for coffee and the region's coffee growers believe their beans to be among Colombia's finest. The inhabitants of Jardín cherish coffee as it is the essence of their economic development and the soul of their beloved paradise on earth.

The Colombian Architect and painter Fernando Turk Rubiano has painted a beautiful watercolor of this town. You can see his entire art collection at

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