Monday, June 13, 2011

History of Coffee - France 1670

By 1669 coffee had reached the Paris of King Louis XIV, brought by Suleiman Aga, the Turkish Ambassador to France.

Louis XIV, besieged by a clamoring court, three ex-mistresses, a bankrupt nation and advanced gout, needed stronger beverages than coffee. He paid little attention to the new Ambassador. But Suleiman Aga wasted little time trying to woo the King for he was very successful with the nobility.

By 1670, when the Ambassador learned from the nobles that France was not concerned about the forthcoming movement of a Turkish army into southern Europe, his mission was successfully accomplished, and he departed for Constantinople, “leaving the French nobles thirsty for coffee", narrates Professor Andres Uribe, in his book "Brown Gold", the amazing story of coffee.

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