Wednesday, June 29, 2011

History of Coffee - Mecca 1550

By the year 1550, the Governor of Mecca had prohibited the drinking of coffee and closed down all coffeehouses. But the friends of coffee were numerous. They all flaunted their vehement opposition to the Governor’s order and coffee drinking took place in secret until word of the suppression reached Cairo.

The Caliph, a fervent coffee lover, disapproved the edict of the Governor of Mecca and ordered the laws against coffee revoked. The coffeehouses, once again, opened their doors to an increased patronage who drank the coveted beverage in luxurious, richly carpeted lounges. Singers, dancers and storytellers again performed while the guests relaxed amidst banks of pillows.

“Throughout the cities in the Arab world, in the homes of rich and poor, coffee was consumed at all hours and it became a gesture of hospitality to offer coffee to friends, associates and visitors”, narrates Professor Andres Uribe, in his book "Brown Gold", the amazing story of coffee.

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